Jul 24, 2014


20.th July, it was one of the most important and the happiest days in my life. Finally I turned 18, so I am now ,,big girl" by the documents and all ,,papers" (...oh my God!), but...! But I already feel like an adult long time hahah... Actually, I visually look older (I hope!), so it's not so big change.

I just wanna say a big THANK YOU  for all my readers, who didn't stop follow me even though I haven't current much time to write about my wonderful life (ehm, wonderful according me!), but trust me, everytime I do everything to write as often as possible! It doesn't mean, that my ,,personal website'' is not important, that means, my blog is the most important, because it's the only thing, that could wait for me, wait for it before my dreams come true...

Thanks everyone for waiting, thanks for all messages and requests on social sites and interest about me, see you soon here!

P.S. However, I just want you show you how I celebrated my birthday, I did few birthday picnics with friends from my campus life, with boyfriend and had a Gourmet B-DAY Party at home with my mommy, daddy and sis, only they know that good food makes a good lifestyle and good lifestyle makes us happy! We don't need anything else, just be happy and I am!