Apr 17, 2014

busy babe!

I'm veeery tired now, uuuh! The last 2 days were reallyyy busy! Brought my sis snack to school, was sitting in the cafe and talking with my friend Veronika, then was shopping, workout...
...and today shooting... I’m off to Bedfordshire...ZZzzz

Apr 15, 2014

vacation planning

Photo by Mary

Good morning everyone! Do you already know where you're going to this summer?

Well, just briefly... 
In these Jennyfer swimsuits you will be on both warm places you see!

Nice Tuesday, E!

Apr 14, 2014

business look

Well, it's monday, I love mondays, don't you? New beginning of the week, new plans, new everything (almost) and above good mood! It's usually the busiest day, but today not! Today just relax, workout and eat, eat, eat... and walk with dog, friend's dog, hahah!

Even though, I didn't go out because of something important, but it's monday and I am alwa-ys i the mood for decent look, wear white harem tunic, black Zoe Biker trousers from Lindex, thin lined Claude Zara Paris blazer, oooh love it! Didn't miss the hat with wide brim, red lips and pilot sunnies!

outfit: ( tunic, trousers - Lindex; blazer - Claude Zana Paris; ankle boots - Zara; hat - Shopbop )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette, INGLOT AMC Pressed Powder, Alverde Eyebrow set, Bourjois Max Definition mascara, KIKO Make-up Milano Matte red lipstick )


Apr 13, 2014

still love you, Stella

I don't like that, when people go out in sportswear, it loses the importance that is for a sport and nothing more. But sometimes, when I see the the limited collections of some brands which collaborate with leading fashion designers, I can't imagine being in that amazing designer piece run or do any sport...

Collection of Stella McCartney for Adidas is not only significant in colours, but in cuts and quality material  too, it's seen especially on running shoes or on hoodies! Even though, that's special collection, it has all the features of sports clothing, that's the advantage, so you can wear it anywhere where you want to. 
This is called the coexistence of sport and fashion.

outfit: ( all by Stella McCartney for Adidas, Studio collection, to purchase HERE )


Apr 12, 2014

textured midi tube dress

Photos by Mary

I don't wear dresses very often, and certainly not short dresses or with A cut, if you meet me in a dress, it is usually maxi dress or any tube dress with cuts and slits or without like this. I needed to take a break from the black, so I picked up the first bright dress on a hanger in the store and I got it! To tune up this marble look I just simply added the longline cotton cardigan and white sunnies with black leather boots and totte for better contrast...aaaand french braid with blueberry lips!

outfit: ( dress, cardigan - Lindex; tote, leather boots - ZARA; sunnies - GoJane.com )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette, Alverde Eyebrow set, Inglot face blush, Inglot blueberry lipstick )


Apr 11, 2014


It's been 3 weeks since I was again at Association of make-up artists and stylists of Czech Republic as model, now you can see the final photos by the head lecturer Petr Lukeš!

I'm lying in the bed at the moment, cos I have abdominal paiiiin, to hell with it! :///

Texas Ranger

Photos by Mary

Sometimes I need to make some differences, that's why I went out today in loose khaki shirt, creme floral skirt and jute metallic linen Keds! To make a natural impression, to call the summer sunshine and love the wild west!
You can see me rarely only with natural shades, without black tint, to improve this concept, I took a straw hat, pilot sunnies and earcuff with tiny feathers. And didn't forget for the raspberry lips!

outfit: ( shirt, earcuff, straw hat - Lindex; skirt - H&M; sneakers - Keds/Urbanlux; sunnies - ONLY )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette; INGLOT AMC Pressed Powder, Alverde Eyebrow set, GOSH Quattro Eye Shadow , Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, Bourjois Max Definition mascara, Estée Lauder Lipstick )


Apr 9, 2014

It's been 3 years...

It's been 3 years when I began my career.
When I attended the first casting.
When I met the first models.
When I was 14.

Apr 8, 2014

retro kitty

Photos by Mary

During these hot days, I try as much as possible to hide myself under the fabric and dress comfortably as well, that means wear for example loose denim dungarees, somehow printed crop top, transparent bomber jacket (scorching heat!) and shoes made for walk, my amazing printed Vans from Liberty Art Fabrics's Collection!
Hanging out in nature with coppery lips and braided crown!

outfit: ( top, denim dungarees - Jennyfer; transparent jacket - H&M; sneakers - Vans Liberty Art Fabrics, bag - Newlook )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette, Alverde Eyebrow set, Inglot face blush, Louise Gray TOPSHOP Cream Eyeshadow, Estée Lauder Lipstick )


Apr 6, 2014

Strike a pose!

Still jogging & working out everyday (not in fitness studio or gym!) and maintain a healthy balanced diet.
I am doing well, I am freed from stress and happy!
I am in love.

It's been almost 2 months... keep follow me and find out more about me!

P.S. Check my new photos HERE, new phototests, new reports from shows, just waiting for you!
Have a nice day, your E :*

Apr 4, 2014


City or countryside?
Grunge or glam?
Lipstick or lip gloss?
Early bird or night owl?

Follow me, stay alert and find out more about me! E

Note: Don't forget to follow me here by Google Connect Friends or Bloglovin', I have no instagram or Facebook Fan Page, Thanks.

Apr 3, 2014

clear euphoria

Photos by Mary

Last month got warmer and last days were even sunny, cool! You have probably noticed that I am actual in love with white and when I am thinking about ,,what to wear", I just looking for white, white, white... colour in my wardrobe. You can see my recent look, when was up to 20°C, still wear transparent longline top, focus this new in white, layered on another transparent white blouse. Wear these ,,clear tops" with black hotpants, clear clutch (clear, clear, clear again!) and black flat shoes....aaaaand fine tune with Prada Baroque sunnies.
Chose natural m-up with red KIKO lipstick and caliwawes.

outfit: ( white blouse - Lindex; longline top - Ange Paris; hotpants, flats - H&M; clutch - DIY; sunnies - PRADA  )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette, INGLOT AMC Pressed Powder, Alverde Eyebrow set, Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, KIKO Make-up Milano Matte red lipstick )


Apr 1, 2014

current delights

 when i was fifteen

when i am with friend Filip and we love tartan...

When Destroy store present new collections of brands such as TOMS, Replay, Vans, Converse, Melissa, Crocs, my favourite Happy Socks for S/S 2014.

 fitting for prom - i used to use hair curles, now i use straightener to do curls... and after few years i try to do wawes by curles again!

just one word - beautiful!

party princess 

design your Vans workshop!
_find me!

... with my little adorable sis in nature, for more pics of her check Mary's Ideas!

...a pleasant evening with my boyfriend in the centre of this small town :)*


Photos by Mary

Walking down the street, sitting in the park, thinking about everything that revolves around the healthy lifestyle and sport. After daily workout and morning joggings I deserve quality sportswear like for example this Studio Hoodie by Stella McCartney for Adidas, sweatshirt with plenty of pockets, bat sleeves and big hood, or this light grey Low Waste shirt, also with loose sleeves, U-neckline and with SMcC logo on the back side, or even these wonderful running shoes from a limited collection Springblade, that are unique in the sole of the fixed blade and a seamless mesh top Techfit.
Well, sometimes I need a break from the extravagance and heeled shoes and walk throught the town in sporty look!

outfit: ( shirt - Adidas; tights - M&S, shorts - TOPSHO; hoodie - Stella McCartney for Adidas; sunnies - H&M; straw hat - Lindex; shoes - Adidas Springblade )
make-up: ( Nivea Pure&Natural day cream, Eva Garden Highlight Foundation, KIKO Make-up Milano Matte red lipstick )


Mar 31, 2014

Socks in sandals!

Photos by Mary

As soon as the weather gets warmer, everyone wears sandals... and socks too. Together. Dark sandals with white socks together usually. Mostly in public transport, hahah. Do you agree with me? I just always staring at it, have nothing to say and try to overlook this horror. Of course, I never thought I will try it too... be inspired!
As I have said, dark sandals with white socks, I chose white sandals and dark socks or the white strappy flatform sandals with granite grey overknee socks, today was quite warm, so I took my black hotpants, striped tank top from Mango and black hoodie sweatshirt from Adidas, final look is funny, focus the cheerful mood, which can be seen in the pictures, such upbeat...
Sunnies, red KIKO lipstick & messy side braid and let's go out!

outfit: ( tank top - Mango; hoodie - Adidas; hotpants, sandals, sunnies - H&M, overknees - Calzedonia )
make-up: ( Rimmel Lasting Finish Make-up, INGLOT AMC Pressed Powder, Alverde Eyebrow set, 
Inglot face blush, INGLOT Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 87, GOSH eye'deal Mascara, KIKO Make-up Milano Matte red lipstick )


Mar 28, 2014

Hello, I am a Brooklyn senorita!

Photos by Mary

Sport is my everyday routine, to be chic is permanent duty,  mixing these two beautiful obligations together is my current obsession. Wear charming black dress, tights & medium height pumps is sexy and feminine, slit on the side of the dress accentuate the curves and shape of figure. Loose sporty signed shirt and shiny Adidas jacket by Stella McCartney layered on the top this impression disrupts.

outfit: ( dress, hat, accessories - Lindex; shirt - Jennyfer; jacket - Stella McCartney for Adidas/Run Performance; tights - M&S; pumps - H&M )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette, Alverde white cover powder, Alverde Eyebrow set, Estée Lauder Nude Lipstick )


Mar 26, 2014


Photos by Mary

Black shades never miss me even this afternoon, when I picked my greyish capripants and white transparent loose blouse, can't imagine these light&fluttering clothes without distinctive accessories such as large sunnies or handkerchief, I chose hat (how else?), black straw hat. Then I just dropped my white leather mini bag from New Look and tip toe pumps. Simple & dangerously chic.
Focus on my nude make-up and elf-lock, hahah!

outfit: ( blouse, capripants, straw hat - Lindex; bag - New Look; pumps - H&M )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette; INGLOT AMC Pressed Powder; Alverde Eyebrow set; Bobbi Brown Pot rouge for Lips and Cheeks )